Pacific Nights

July 20, 2003


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I just returned from another world.
A world where Main street is a block long… Where the bovine population density is greater than the human one… Where there are more trees than skyscrapers… Where I can see the sky and feel the breeze and look up at the hills and down at the valleys…
It was a wonderful day, spent in a little town called Winedale.
Every year, this town puts on a Shakespeare festival in a barn. It’s sponsored by the University of Texas English department and is a six week summer English program in which students learn about the Bard the way he intended: through performance.
The play, Much Ado About Nothing (which I incidentally think is the coolest name of all time… it’s sort of like calling something “Hot Air” or “Bullshit”) was a lot funnier than I remembered it. The acting was amazingly good. The best part about it is that it goes on until August 10th, which means that I can go back to see the other two plays on the agenda, Julius Caesar and Love’s Labours Lost.

For more information, go to Shakespeare at Winedale
I highly recommend this to all fans of English, Drama, Shakespeare, Nature, and especially to people who, like me, love all four…

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