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July 05, 2003

Open Apology

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I missed Rachel. I only saw Julie twice. I’ve completely lost touch with Josh. I’ve seen Chris 3 or 4 times in a month. When I call Matt, he facetiously asks me who I am. Laura was in town a month before I even called her. I’ve only talked to Becca once this month.

I read a post today where Julie was talking about changing. I never wanted to change that way. I was the girl who always fantasized about having the choice between a boy and my friends, and resolutely sticking to those who deserved my loyalty most. I’ve abandoned all of you, and I’m sorry.

Rachel, I didn’t even know that you had left. I didn’t mean to neglect you when you were in town, and I hope that you can forgive me.
Josh, I don’t really know what happened to us. But I really miss our old Houston gang. I’m hoping that we can hang out again some time soon.
Matt… I’ve seen you more than anybody else, but I am sorry that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.
Julie. You know that I didn’t mean to be so distant when you were in town. I am sad to the core, and guilty beyond all description now that I’ve read your journal entry to your friends.
Becca, I don’t have long distance, which is why I haven’t talked to you, but I don’t have any excuse not to email you.
Chris and Laura, I think that I have enough time to make it all up to you.

Guys, I am not very good with words. I think that you all know that I’m not malicious, but I am careless, and I wanted to apologize for that. I care about all of you. A lot. You’ve all been with me through some of my darkest hours, and I hate that you feel that as soon as my hours get bright, I disappear.

And I hate even more that you’re right…

Please talk to me about this, guys. I really hope that you can forgive me.


  1. Sarah, I was actually a bit appalled at the way you had seemed to neglect our old group–I know that you never meant it intentionally, but it’s up to you to keep your end up, and to make time for your friends. The only way you can be in our lives is to BE in our lives!

    This entry is a good start. I miss you. I plan to call again on Tuesday night if I can; I missed you last week.

    Comment by Julie — July 07, 2003 @ 1.57 am

  2. Yeah, I was kind of sad to see you go into boyfriend mode again…I missed you.

    Comment by Rachel — July 07, 2003 @ 2.02 am

  3. Well, since I really haven’t been around I can’t say to what extent you’ve been “neglecting” your friends. But as for me, I don’t hold it against you, because I haven’t been the greatest at keeping in touch all the time, either, and I have also at times dropped off the face of the earth, as Julie informed me two weeks into the summer. So I sort of understand, and I forgive you. We should talk more often, though!

    Comment by Becca — July 07, 2003 @ 11.38 am

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