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April 11, 2003

Global Calculus….

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Well folks, it’s all over… (Research Symposium that is) and now I’m so exhausted I can hardly type… Funny, I don’t think it was the long hours, I think that it was the emotional stress… It was pretty draining, I must say.
Still, on the whole I was absolutely thrilled with how well it went. I got a good round of applause and some praise afterwards (not that I notice this stuff or anything…) more importantly, I was NOT crucified in the question and answer session. The only question was a very simple one that I found it very easy to answer with a little grace… ( Speaking of Grace, I watched a Will and Grace episode the other night where Grace had hair exactly like mine.. it was quite scary actually…) * Don’t mind me, my mind works in tangential mode quite often, particularly when I’m tired* ANYWAY!
More on this later…
I promise :)


  1. Yay, I’m glad it went well and that it’s over!

    Comment by Becca — April 12, 2003 @ 7.14 am

  2. congrats and all that; u deserve a break now, u sadist you…i wish i could made it 10 minutes earlier to see it, but if a nun complimented you, then that’s good in my book…

    Comment by chester — April 15, 2003 @ 8.34 pm

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