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March 08, 2003

Bringin’ Down The House

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Went out with the girls tonight! Nevena, Laila, Tsveta and me… Great time…

We started out at Thai Cottage, which has great food at a reasonable price and has the added benefit of being two minutes away from the cinema… (If you know me, you know that no evening is complete without my movie :) )This benefit was somewhat diminished by the little note stuck in the back of every menu which politely informed us that should we leave, it was recommended that we take our cars with us, lest someone else move them for us… We took the hint…

Unfortunately, we had already used all of our cash paying for the meal, so after attempting to pay for parking with a credit card (!!!) we drove around until we found a little neighborhood with no tow away signs… Very good find! People must have thought we were insane though… Tearing across the street at 8:20 in an attempt to make an 8:15 movie… Hair flying…Poor Nevena trying to negotiate a combination of high-heels and our fast pace…We must have been a sight!

Anyway, we finally made it into the theatre just as the show started. There were no seats except for the front row… And I mean the Very front row… The one where you’d have to be lying down to see the screen, and even then you wouldn’t see it properly…

We opted for sitting on the stairs… Man we had fun!
The movie was really funny…But I think that it was our situation that made the evening so enjoyable…

What a nice break I’ve had!


  1. And no one has heard from her since…

    Comment by Matt — March 13, 2003 @ 11.42 pm

  2. Yeah….and you’ve been telling ME to update!

    Comment by Rebecca — March 15, 2003 @ 11.49 pm

  3. *crickets chirping*

    Comment by Matt — March 17, 2003 @ 1.40 am

  4. I thought it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Michelle — May 03, 2003 @ 8.20 am

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