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March 08, 2003

Spring Break

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Well, the core of Spring Break has passed me by, and now it’s just a regular old weekend. Not only that, but I’m working about ten hours, so it doesn’t look like all of that studying I was planning to catch up on is going to get done. I didn’t follow my less studious resolution to watch all of the Oscar nominees either, but oddly enough I don’t care.

I have been rereading my old entries and it struck me that a good half of them revolve around old memories. I live so much in a yesterday–real or imagined–that sometimes I wonder where I find time to create the yesterdays that I remember so fondly.

This week has been one of those times. I’ve spent more time with my near and dear than I have since “Winter Term” ended, and my sometime “tenants” moved out. It was good to see Matt and Josh again. It was good to talk to Iram. It was good to finally have the time to sit idly in a café shooting the breeze with Nevena. Even work was good.

But now it’s over, or nearly over, and I revert to my dreamed up reality, as I stick my nose back in my books…

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