Pacific Nights

March 05, 2003


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Well, last night I hung out with Pinky and the Brain and watched Chasing Amy…But this was only after going to see the Recruit with the boys and Nevena….And this was only after going to Stucchi’s for Ice Cream with Nevena and Tsveta… And this was only after posting all day….(btw.. thank you to everyone bored enough to actually read my last two posts…) And that was only after watching Dogma and discussing Dogma all night…. whew….

Incidentally… Aside from the Pinky and the Brain crack… (which had me rolling) Josh is convinced that Hell will be like waking up in the Wizard of Oz (“and you, and you, and you, and you, and you were there…”) he says that most of the “interesting people” he knows will be keeping him company… I don’t know whether he’s saying I’m not interesting or that I’m going to hell…. Either way….


  1. no, you have it wrong entirely. :P i’m an agnostic, and as such, i don’t believe in a christian hell. besides, it couldn’t be much worse than my life already is.

    Comment by josh — March 05, 2003 @ 6.41 pm

  2. No, Josh, I think that you’re God, and as such, you have two major responsibilities…
    1) Don’t condemn me to hell… I didn’t DO anything. ;)
    2) Don’t complain about your life… Just blow stuff up!

    Comment by SarahC — March 05, 2003 @ 7.42 pm

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